It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

Source: It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian


Ice pick.

You want to protect me in every possible way you could.
One day, I saw you holding the ice pick, you are the one hurting me.
Why? because I have hurt you? and it gives you a license to hurt me back?
Whenever people will say your name, It’s Rejected I’ve heard. It’s Rejected I have felt.
Pain is too real, too deep.. that even my heart could not bear. I know I have hurt you, but please don’t make it a license to hurt me back. Don’t be so cruel to me like an ice pick. Just let me go with gentleness.

A distracted heart cannot serve Him well.

Yes. I admit. I’ve been captured and distracted with this unexplainable emotions. What happened to the girl I used to be. I always thought i was strong. I was guarded. I was.. i was… i was fooling my self. No, i am not guarded anymore. I let these emotions control me. And yah, my relationship with God is affected. I was tooooo distracted and im so tired. Tired of everything. Tired of chasing the moon, Now it’s my turn to be the moon to let God be my light. I do not want to distracted anymore. Please God, help me. I want to wake up tomorrow with no regrets by giving you all my worries tonight. I trust you Lord.

Hello world!

2:35am, I don’t know, How i came at this moment. In Creating a wordpress account while i already have tumblr account where i could share my thoughts and feelings. Where i can listen my favorite songs at the moment.

Hmmn Maybe because i just wanted a quiet moment here, and just to have peace of mind and listen to the songs of my heart with no distraction.  Am so excited to share with my readers my thoughts and my experience while in the season of waiting. I pray that God would speak through me and give me words that will inspire other people.

God bless everyone! Hugs!